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How to Encourage Your Child to Wear Glasses

How to Encourage Your Child in Pelham, AL to Wear Glasses 

It’s estimated that more than a quarter of children have a vision problem that wearing glasses would correct. However, for some parents, a diagnosis through an eye exam is only the start of the problem. 

While some children happily take to wearing glasses, enjoying both the novelty and the vision improvements they bring, a large number of kids are much more reluctant.

Unfortunately, uncorrected vision problems can have serious long-term effects, from delayed educational development to greater eventual sight impairment.

Considering this, what can parents do to encourage children to put their glasses on more readily? Our eye doctors explain.

Prepare the Positive Ground

If you suspect a vision problem, start preparing your child well before actually arranging an eye exam or buying glasses for them. Emphasize the benefits that glasses could bring if they need them. Describe how they’ll find school easier and more fun, they’ll be better at sports, and they’ll feel less tired and headachy all the time.

Approach this from a positive perspective rather than making a big deal about the downsides. As any parent knows, children can be exceptionally contrary. They’ll quickly dig their heels in if they feel they’re being scared or bullied into something they don’t want to do.

Allow Them the Choice

It’s your child who will be wearing the glasses, so let them choose their own frames (although probably with a little gentle guidance). If they’re unhappy with how they look or feel, it’ll only make the battle harder.

Many optometrists offer a discount deal on buying multiple frames, and this can be very useful. Let your child choose an outlandish or fun pair for leisure time and a more somber pair for school or formal occasions.

Wear Your Own Glasses

If you also need eyesight correction, you may have graduated to contact lenses for convenience. However, now’s the time to start wearing your own glasses more often instead to help it seem more normal and everyday.

Enlist Influencer Assistance

Start gently pointing out celebrities and other public figures who are wearing glasses. This is especially effective if your child already likes and respects the person, even more so if it’s a famous child.

Unsolicited Rewards

It can help to occasionally reward your child for wearing their glasses without being told. However, take care over this. Make it an occasional reinforcement of a good habit, rather than something they’ll come to expect as part of the whole glasses-wearing deal.

Emphasize the Improvements

Lastly, as your child starts to wear their glasses more often and more easily, emphasize the benefits they’re gaining. Point out how much their school results have improved and offer genuine praise. Remind them how often they used to have headaches and how much better they now feel. Again, point out the positives rather than trying to scare with negative warnings.

Some children take to the novelty of wearing glasses completely naturally. However, some quite naturally kick back against such a major change. But if you approach the issue in the right way, you’ll avoid glasses becoming a source of conflict as well as protect your child’s eyesight into the future.

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